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Understand, Design and Innovate Multi-Sided Platform Businesses

Download the Platform Canvas 

Download the platform canvas and get to know a powerful framework to foster collaborative business model innovation around multi-sided platforms.

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The conceptual design of the essential elements of a platform model

Download as PDF document.

The ready-to-work-with framework to create and manage the mechanics of a platform system

Download as PDF document.

Download as PPT document.

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The Platform Canvas derives from extensive and latest management literature and will allow you to understand and handle the complexities of platform organizations.

Watch this 6min video to get a quick introduction into the elements and architectural relations of the Platform Canvas.

The Platform Canvas Explained

The Platform Canvas Explained

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Today's rise of digital platforms is reshaping our economy leaving traditional business models far behind. Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Uber, and Amazon are only a few prominent examples of an unstoppable row of businesses leveraging platform dynamics.

A multi-sided platform acts as a digital marketplace, where producers and consumers come together, and value is created for both parties through their interaction. Platforms create and manage external communities rather than produce and ship products or services on their own. Thus, they can leverage network effects and are able to grow at a pace that easily exceeds this of even the best-funded traditional businesses.


We are here to help you safely maneuver through the complexities of platform dynamics and unlock your full growth potential.

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The Platform Canvas is the first peer-reviewed tool empowering managers and entrepreneurs to visualize the essential elements and mechanisms of multi-sided platform businesses. 


Meet The Team

We are a team of consultants, innovators, entrepreneurs and academics, passionate about empowering venture success.


Dr. Ted Ladd

  • LinkedIn

Ted Ladd is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and an Instructor of Platform Entrepreneurship at both Harvard University and Stanford University.

His research about designing business models for new ventures has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and several academic journals and conferences.

He has participated in five high-tech, venture-capital-backed startups, the most recent, where Ted created an ecosystem of developers, resellers, and technology vendors, was acquired by Google as the foundation of Android Wear.

He holds a PhD in Management from Case Western, an MBA from Wharton, an MA in International Economics from Johns Hopkins, and a BA in biology, government, and sociology from Cornell. 


Marcel Allweins

  • LinkedIn

Marcel Allweins facilitated successful business model innovation for multiple Fortune 500 clients in his role as a management consultant at KPMG.

He holds the accreditation ‘Innovation Master’ certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute, is a certified management coach and winner of the IXL Innovation Olympics Winter 2019.


Marcel received one M.Sc. in International Business and Entrepreneurship as valedictorian and a second M.Sc. in Business Analytics at Hult International Business School. He holds a certification in Leading Change in Times of Disruption by the MIT and studied the Psychology of Big Data at Harvard University.


Markus Proesch

  • LinkedIn

Markus Proesch has extensive international experience with a rich background in business development among SME’s. Specialized in utilizing analysis tools to optimize performance of in-house procedures by bridging the gap between operations and technology.


As an expert in hands-on training, Markus holds a certification from the BB&T Emerging Leaders Program and a Managerial Coaching Certificate. Graduated from Hult International Business School with a dual-M.Sc. in International Business and Business Analytics.

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