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GetMyBoat Case

This video-only case empowers students to follow a single entrepreneur, Sascha Mornell, as he created a multi-sided platform, GetMyBoat, to help boat owners and boat renters find each other. Each chapter contains three to seven snippets of video, each about 5 minutes long. This is shows the journey of a platform business model - and a founder and his team - from near-zero revenue at the beginning of the COVID pandemic into enormous growth and profitability.

This is not theory. It is not fiction. It is not a reconstruction. This is the actual story, recorded as it unfolded, told by the founder at multiple different times. The result is an instruction manual for designing, launching, pivoting and growing a multi-sided platform.

This case is available at The Case Centre (for free to instructors).

This case is password protected. The teaching note, available to the instructor through The Case Centre, provides the passwords. The instructor can then provide the passwords to students chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1

Starting GetMyBoat

Chapter 2

Early Challenges

Chapter 3

A Shift

Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Staying Afloat

Chapter 8

What's Next

Chapter 9 


Chapter 10  

A Downturn

Teaching Note For Instructors

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