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Ted Ladd

Ted Ladd is a full Professor of Entrepreneurship, former Global Dean of Research and former Dean of the San Francisco Campus at the Hult International Business School. He is also an Instructor of Platform Entrepreneurship at Harvard University and Stanford University. His research focuses on innovation in general and multi-sided platforms in specific, published in a range of academic and practitioner-focused channels. His most recent book, Innovating With Impact, with Alessandro Lanteri, is published by the Economist and distributed by Profile and Pegasus. He was a member of seven different startups in Silicon Valley. The most recent was acquired by Google.

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Ted's Story

Ted, his wife Laura Ladd and their dog The Project live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Ted's history on Wikipedia and LinkedIn

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Ted's TEDx talk (yes, I've heard the pun.)

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Ted on Social Media

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