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Explore the application of the Platform Canvas alongside some famous examples.

A popular example of a platform business is the San Francisco based online marketplace of lodging offerings Airbnb Inc. founded in 2008.
Platform Canvas - Airbnb.png
Platform Canvas - FireworkTV.png
Image by Ross Sneddon
Firework is one of the fastest growing interactive video platforms on mobile and an evolving native feed service for publishers. As Firework grows, it must manage the complexities of a multi-sided platform.
soundcloud logo.png
SoundCloud is a music and podcast distribution platform that allows its users to upload, promote, and share audio.
Platform Canvas - SoundCloud.png
Platform Canvas - Uber.png
Image by Jackson David
With a market share of about 70%, Uber is the biggest ride-hailing company in the United States and has operations in over 900 cities worldwide. Uber's multi-sided platform model heavily utilizes cross-sided network effects.
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