Using the Platform Canvas to Design

New Hyper-Growth Ventures

Understanding the dynamics of platform businesses and how to leverage them effectively is challenging for many entrepreneurs and business leaders. The building blocks and inner workings of platform businesses and their connected ecosystems are significantly different from traditional pipeline businesses. The pace of these environments’ developments is accelerating and can be hard to grasp.

Our Mission

is to enable entrepreneurs and business leaders to harness the power of platforms and their network effects. We developed a holistic blend of agile principles and Design Thinking methodologies to empower users to utilize the Platform Canvas for innovations at scale.

People First

We look at different personas that are connected to the business at hand, their pain points, wants and needs and what existing measures they undertake to deal with these problems right now.

Ideate Interaction

We look at new ways of connecting segments and creating ecosystems using real world examples to explore possibilities of bringing parties together in a way that creates value.

Prototype & Enable

We make the created ideas tangible and clarify what measures and technologies are necessary to enable these interactions, curate undesirable participation and mitigate the risk of disintermediation.

Capture Value

Monetizing a platform business can be a special challenge.

We lay out proven models that generate revenue without decreasing the user value and analyze strategies to capture profits.

Ignite Growth

We look at successful ways to get users on the platform, generate attraction and how to leverage and control positive network effects in order to reach the critical mass of participants.

Measure Success

We set up key indicators that allow a focus on the crucial gears of the platform operation and define the very next steps to get business model transformation starting.



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