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Chapter 6




In August 2020, Sascha shares how GetMyBoat enters a phase of rapid growth even in the middle of the covid pandemic. 

Creating and Growing a Multi-sided Platform at GetMyBoat

Into Lightspeed

Everything stopped when covid happened - but it is not the case for GetMyBoat. 

Obstacles during Growth

As the user base growths, various issues are amplified alike. 

Technology and Metrics to Scale

Sascha explains GetMyBoat's focus on technology towards their business growth and the shift of perspective on relevant metrics. 

Funding & Cash

GetMyBoat was funded without VC financing. Hear Sascha's take on funding and the role of cash during hyper-growth. 

Chapter 7 - Staying Afloat

Flying Sail

Questions for Classroom Discussion

1. What does GetMyBoat's hyper-growth mean for its network effect? Do the normal limits to the network effect still apply? What has happened to its switching costs?

2. How would GMB compete against start-ups or mega-platforms that attempt to enter its market?

3. What future do you predict for GMB?


Sascha looks back at how he started off with a small team to launch GetMyBoat and shares his very own entrepreneurship lessons.

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