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We have written several business cases that help students and instructors use the Platform Canvas and learn the dynamics of multi-sided platform businesses.


The SIMM Smartwatch and the Internet of Things: Designing a Business Model

Designing a business model for a wearable, internet-connected computer requires an understanding of the market, technology, customers, and competitors. This case describes the circumstances around a start-up in Silicon Valley making products for the Internet of Things, starting with a smartwatch. Yet the company’s initial business model was not gaining traction.


What new business models should it consider?


How should it select among these options?




This case includes a separate teaching note for instructors.

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Sascha Mornell founded GetMyBoat in 2012. This multi-media case uses video clips from Sascha to guide students through the application of the Platform Canvas to explain and evaluate his strategies.

This case is password protected. The teaching note, available to the instructor, provides the passwords. The instructor can then provide the passwords to students chapter by chapter.


Creating and Growing a Multi-sided Platform at GetMyBoat


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