We have created an online simulations that allow players to experience some of the principles of platform design. This allows players to experience the principles of platform strategy and economics. Instructors can receive administrative views to compare player performance.

Platform Canvas_logo.png
Platform Canvas_logo.png

Balancing Supply and Demand at BoatShare

This simulation assumes that you are the founder of a new platform venture in the sharing economy. Your company rents small boats for people to use for a few hours on a lake. Your company does not actually own any boats. You find other people who already own boats who are interested in renting them through you. 


Make decisions in each round about marketing and pricing to balance the supply of boats on your platform from boat owners with the demand for boat rentals from prospective buyers of your service.


How can you maximize profits?

Important: This simulation runs better on Chrome. If you have any technical difficulties, open a window in Private or Incognito mode (right click on the button below).

Platform Canvas_logo.png